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SRI Charter

Charter on Socially Responsible Investment relative to ERAFP

  • Publié le : 30/03/2006
  • Mis à jour le : 12/12/2022

In a resolution adopted on 10 November 2005, the ERAFP board of directors decided to adopt an investment policy which persistently and permanently takes account of the pursuit of the public interest.

In this context, the decision was taken to make socially responsible investments of all the assets of the Public Service Additional Pension Scheme.
By making investments on the basis of the values it has adopted and which are restated in this charter, the Board intends both to promote the operations, companies, local authorities and States which respect these benchmark values and to exert influence to ensure that they are more widely applied.

ERAFP undertakes to publish information on the implementation of its socially responsible investment policy on an annual basis.

The purpose of this charter is to clarify the approaches, content and resources to be used in implementing the socially responsible investment policy, which applies to all financial management transactions, whatever their nature, whether they are performed directly by ERAFP or on its behalf by its agents.