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Annual report on SRI policy - 2009

  • Publié le : 05/08/2010
  • Mis à jour le : 24/05/2022

The French Public Service Additional Pension Scheme (RAFP) is publishing its second annual report on the implementation of its SRI policy in 2009.

The first section describes how the SRI approach works and includes an overview of the broader context in order to better convey its originality.

The second section of the report analyses the asset portfolio’s conformity with the SRI approach and sheds light on any discrepancies observed as well as the steps taken to reduce them. The report also examines changes in the portfolio’s characteristics with respect to the SRI policy since end-2007, and in particular over the course of 2009.

The last section provides food for thought on the impact of the SRI policy on financial management during crisis periods as well as on ERAFP’s policy of engagement.