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ERAFP strengthens its targeted investments to promote combating climate change.

  • 18 May 2017
Climate and biodiversity
Paris, 18 May 2017 – ERAFP, the French public sector additional pension scheme, is planning to invest €50 million between now and the end of the year in international equity funds aimed at combating climate change. As part of its selection process for collective funds, ERAFP relied in particular on the amLeague platform to identify the best “low-carbon” strategies.

One of Europe's most pioneering SRI institutional investors, ERAFP is both aware of the risks that climate change poses to its assets over the long term and committed to contributing to the financing of the energy transition. It has thus been actively measuring and publishing the carbon footprint of its investments for a number of years: thanks to the implementation of its best-in-class SRI approach, ERAFP has a portfolio of shares whose carbon intensity is significantly lower than that of its benchmark (by 12% at end-2015).

Keen to encourage management companies to develop robust investment solutions that meet the challenge of combating climate change, ERAFP has worked with Cedrus AM and amLeague to put in place a virtual management platform enabling managers to demonstrate their “low-carbon” management expertise.

Now that it has more than one year of performance history (financial and non-financial) with which to compare the portfolios put forward by this platform, ERAFP has decided to add to its purchase list funds using the best strategies of the amLeague platform. The first investments, of around €10 million, have been made in the fund La Française LUX - Inflection Point Zero Carbon.

In addition to the funds identified via the amLeague platform, ERAFP has added to its purchase list four funds developing a more thematic approach to combating climate change.