Visuel d'illustration pour <span>One Heart One Tree : an application for reforestation</span>
General information

One Heart One Tree : an application for reforestation

  • 13 November 2015
Climate and biodiversity
A monumental work of art that will be started during the Paris Conference on the UN Climate, " One Heart One tree " connects the virtual and the real, technology and nature.

It offers spectators the ability to create a virtual tree of light using a heart beat sensor. For each virtual tree of light created, a real tree is actually planted in a reforestation project that spans across the world.
The objective of this project is to raise awareness of the climate challenge through innovation and citizen engagement, and especially by a non- blaming discourse, constructive and positive developed around a unique and spectacular experience

1 Heart 1 Tree on support us!

1 Heart 1 Tree on support us!

ERAFP as a partner of "One heart, One Tree " is committed to finance the planting in Senegal of 2000 trees with a three-year follow-up of these plantations ; virtual trees will be on the other projected throughout the COP21 of the Eiffel Tower.

With " One Heart One Tree ", the aim is to give everyone a simple way to act and to have a positive long-term impact.