Visuel d'illustration pour <span>FIR published his book dedicated to article 173-VI</span>

FIR published his book dedicated to article 173-VI

  • 6 October 2016

Article VI-173 is extracted from the law devoted to the Energy Transition to Green Growth.

The text brings a regulatory innovation in the fight against global warming.
Indeed, Article 173-VI focuses on extending the area of ​​the fight against climate change.

Now the obligation to integrate ESG-Climate process is no longer limited to the investment strategies of management companies.
It also applies to those institutional investors.

Very involved in the implementation of this new regulation, FIR (Forum for Responsible Investment) publishes a special supplement, consult below.
The document is divided into two parts:

  • at he first, FIR comes on the spirit of the law,
  • the organization was then built a road map to help investors in their approach.

Article VI-173 / FIR

Publication : september 2016
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