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ERAFP publishes its voting policy and clarify its shareholder engagement strategy

  • 12 March 2015
Shareholder engagement

ERAFP beefs up its voting policy

After three years of application, ERAFP decided that its voting policy in 2015 would focus on a limited number of subjects that deserve to be discussed as a priority with the issuers in the context of the next general meetings :

  • transparency on the activity and financial position of listed companies in each country where they operate,
  • the sharing of added value and the application of responsible policies in regard to dividend distributions,
  • feminization of boards with a minimum threshold of 30%,
  • the promotion of the principles of transparency, equity and moderation in terms and condition of managers' remuneration.

To ensure its successful application, ERAFP's SRI team will analyze the resolutions submitted to general meetings of 40 major French companies and 20 large international companies representing more than 40% of participations of ERAFP's shares.

ERAFP clarify its shareholder engagement strategy

In parallel, ERAFP decided to focus its efforts on shareholder engagement on four main themes that the institution considers strategic for a long-term investor in SRI :

  • the fight against climate change and the promotion of strategies to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions,
  • combatting aggressive tax optimisation and promoting corporate civic responsibility as regards taxation,
  • ensuring consistency between companies' sustainable development commitments and their lobbying practices,
  • the prevention of employee-related risks in the supply chain.