Glossary beginning with P

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Unit for calculating the pension in certain schemes.
The contributions make it possible to acquire (vest) points. The amount of the pension is equal to the points acquired during the beneficiary’s professional life, multiplied by the value of a point at the time of retirement. Most additional pension schemes are based on points systems. Basic pension schemes tend to use the ‘quarters’ system.
Points over threshold
Points over and above 5,124, also known as ‘supernumerary’ points. 
Premium or pension bonus
Premium applied to the amount of the future pension of a beneficiary who has reached the legal retirement age but chooses to continue working, even though he or she has satisfied the coverage period needed to receive a full pension.
Principles for Responsible Investment, a charter drafted under the auspices of the United Nations and to which ERAFP adheres.
Provisional liquidation
Calculation of the benefit due in the light of the beneficiary’s established rights on the effective date.