Glossary beginning with I

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Indexed management
The main objective of indexed management is to reproduce the performance of a benchmark index. The composition of an index-managed fund (weight in the fund of each security and therefore of each business sector or country) is very similar to that of the benchmark index.
Individual Retirement Account
A retirement account that includes details from the individual statement provided by the beneficiary’s employer. The account can be viewed online, through the secure SLG (online service) platform. The beneficiary’s rights are determined based on the information entered in the individual retirement account.
Individual statement
An annual statement containing a summary of all contributions paid into the public service additional pension scheme which the employer sends to the scheme manager for all relevant beneficiaries. The statement shows the amount of contributions paid into the scheme for each beneficiary, with a separate indication of those paid by the civil servant and those paid by the employer, although no distinction is made as to the type of premiums. Information is entered into individual retirement accounts on the basis of these individual statements.
Individual Statement of Position (French acronym: RIS)
Document sent to active contributors. The statements relating to RAFP are sent along with those of the main pension scheme. The RIS includes information on the beneficiary’s entire career, coverage periods and vested points. It can be prepared at the beneficiary’s request.
Intergenerational equity
This concept aims to ensure an equivalent standard of living amongst individuals at a given point in time and relative to other generations at the same ages.