Our mission

ERAFP’s mission is to pay an additional retirement pension to civil servants who have been employed by the State, local government and hospitals. As a public pension fund, it ensures that it can discharge this mission by investing their contributions in assets that are both profitable and safe.

Because pensions are very long-term investments, ERAFP has positioned two concerns at the heart of its governance: preserving intergenerational fairness and overseeing the sustainability of its management. ERAFP’s board of directors therefore ensures that the benefits being paid out today are not detrimental to the interests of tomorrow’s beneficiaries. To this end, each year it fixes the terms of this equilibrium by deciding both the increase in the purchase price of each pension point accrued and the revaluation of the service value to which each point provides entitlement. 

Because it believes that seeking to maximise immediate returns will work against its own interests, ERAFP evaluates each of its investments in the light of its impact in three main areas: social issues, governance and lastly the environment. The organisation has its own SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) charter setting out the terms of this evaluation.

As a responsible investor, ERAFP has signed up to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and as a public pension fund, it rules out investments in all fields prohibited by French law or by any international agreements ratified by France. Apart from these exclusions, and because it is a major institutional investor, ERAFP invests in all sectors of the economy and in all asset categories. 

The organisation is eager to play its part in the transition towards a more sustainable economy, and therefore refrains from investing in stocks and shares issued by companies or economic agents that perform poorly in the three main areas listed above. Instead it seeks to invest as far as possible in equities issued by companies which realise that it is in their own interest to be proactively involved in this transition. 

Because global warming represents a proven threat to the value of its assets, ERAFP evaluates the risk that its portfolios may carry and provides itself with the means to reduce this risk, notably by working in partnership with other investors.