ERAFP signer of the "Declaration on ESG by the EAPSPI"

31 January 2020

ERAFP has signed the "Declaration on ESG by the European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions (EAPSPI)". This declaration was adopted by the general assembly of the association on October the 25th, 2019, in Munich.

The "Declaration on ESG by the EAPSPI" highlights the fact that its signatories not only have commitments towards their beneficiaries as  pension systems managers, but also have "a broader responsibility towards society and the environment, as workplaces and organisations pariticpating in economic life".

That translates to :
  • "a commitment to take into account the impact and sustainability aspects of the activities they finance" ;
  • being exemplary "in their field of activity and seek to contribute to the foundations of a liveable environment for present as well as future generations" ;
  • integrates "extra-financial considerations" wich are also "a part of risk management and mitigation and are directly linked to fiduciary duty".
For all these reasons, EAPSPI members "vow to coninue their exchange of expertise and information in this area where differences of approach or experience further collective understanding and progress".

The members of the association also declare that they are ready to face new challenges, and in particular "the implementation of regulations on sustainable finance".

EAPSPI is an association of 24 public sector pension schemes out of 15 European countries that are responsable for nearly 33 million active members and pensioners in the public sector. The EAPSPI main purpose is to enable its members to improve the mutual knowledge of their institutions and that of the social system of their respective countries.