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Intermediate housing

In direct application of its SRI investment policy, ERAFP has taken a role in financing intermediate housing projects, in particular for public sector employees.

What is intermediate housing?
Intermediate housing is designed to facilitate access to housing in high-pressure areas, where rents are high in relation to disposable incomes, by offering homes for rent at levels between the rates for social housing and the open market (10-15% below market prices). It thus represents a mid-way solution between private and social housing for people with incomes higher than the social housing threshold.

When making these investments in intermediate housing, ERAFP has insisted on obtaining a priority information right with a onemonth exclusivity period in favour of public sector employees priced out of the housing market in and around Paris, on the Côte d’Azur or in the Gex region. In addition to channelling some of its investments into intermediate housing financing, ERAFP has also chosen to invest in so-called affordable housing, which is also earmarked for reservation by public sector employees.

In concrete terms, who can benefit from housing built and reserved by ERAFP?
This reservation system is accessible to all public officials, civil servants and contract workers, from the three sides of the civil service.

How do I access the available offers?
To access ERAFP's reserved accommodation offers, all you need to do is:

  • connect to the site:
  • create a personal account,
  • create "alerts" based on your search criteria,
  • consult the offers of reserved and available accommodation corresponding to their criteria,
  • apply for.